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Pressure Treated Decks

When it comes to the natural wood decks Pittsburgh there are 2 main options, which can settle for. The first option includes materials such as cedar and pressure treated timber. These deck solutions are well known for possessing numerous similarities with each other. First of all a wood deck Pittsburgh that is crafted from softwoods like cedar and pressure treated lumber can resist rotting to a certain degree. They also require 16” joists to effectively support the load exerted on them. Also, cedar and pressure treated wood can be cut and installed with conventional carpentry equipment and fasteners.

Niagara Lawn & Landscaping is a renowned provider of top notch wooden decking installation services across the Niagara Region. Over the relatively long period of time, we have been operation, it has been our greatest joy to gain an ironclad reputation of excellence in the various decking solutions we offer. Niagara Lawn & Landscaping is now looked upon as one of the leading and most reputable businesses which offer these essential deck services in the Niagara Region

With time, we have been highly privileged to help many property owners install fine and long lasting lumber decks in their homes in convenient and hassle-free manner. Niagara Lawn & Landscaping never rests until the moment its clients are happy and content with its outstanding decking solutions. We always go out of our way to deliver complete customer satisfaction, at all times. To this end, Niagara Lawn & Landscaping makes it a point to have in its pay a sizeable team of decking professionals. These deck professionals are well versed with the industry-recognized best practices in the provision of truly quality wood decks installation services.


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